Full-on Expat - Digital Nomad Types

Full-on Expat

Tired of your home country? Welcome to the expat life, full of long-term visa hunts and ways to establish yourself long term in a country.

The Expat Life

Full-on Expats are the ones who say “I’m never living in the home country again!”. What happens most is they sell everything in their home country or ship everything to their planned country in anticipation of never coming back. They are typically older and have jobs that can be mostly online or with clients located in a certain country. These nomads are the least “nomadic” in that they typically like to establish themselves in one country to get roots there, either for personal or professional reasons. These nomads are the most likely to gain some level of fluency in the local language of their home base country.

There are many places with amazing expat communities that support each other in finding jobs and maintaining their residency in the foreign country. There are many ways to start your full-on expat nomad journey, so please check out some of the resources below for full-on expat nomads!

Stay Duration

Medium – Long Term: 3+ Years


  • Long-term visas
  • Residency questions
  • Tax issues (double taxation)
  • Business ownership in foreign country
  • Property maintenance (if owns property)
  • Raising kids in foreign country
  • Relationships with family back in home country


  • Condominium / House Owner (most common)
  • Apartment Rental
  • Airbnb long term stays


  • Mostly work online but also might have local job opportunities and clients in their homebase country.
  • Typically older (45+ y/o)
  • High income bracket
  • Typically married or have a long-term partner.
  • Might raise children in their foreign country

Resources for Full-on Expat Nomads

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