Homebase +1 Nomad - Digital Nomad Types

Homebase +1

You want to establish a second home abroad in at least one other country that you can work/live in. Welcome to the semi-expat life!

The Homebase +1 Life

Homebase +1 nomads are those who look for a little piece of stability while working abroad. Although they might travel around a certain region of the world like Southeast Asia, they declare one country outside of their home country their “homebase”.  For example, many digital nomads in Asia have a homebase with a long-term apartment rental or lease in a city like Bangkok, Thailand while they travel to other countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, and Philippines.

The homebase + 1 nomads really love the country that they’re homebasing from OR they are there for the convenience for their job type (i.e. clients are located in a similar timezone). Whatever the reason, these nomads struggle with finding longterm visa opportunities and residencies that can support their situation. They also might even look to purchase property in the homebase country as a way to reduce their longterm housing costs.

Below you’ll find some of the characteristics of homebase +1 nomads. Let us know if you are one!


Stay Duration

Medium – Long Term: 3 Months – 3 Years


  • Long-term visas
  • Residency questions
  • Tax issues (double taxation)
  • Business ownership in foreign country
  • Property maintenance (if owns property)
  • Making friends


  • Apartment Rental (most common)
  • Airbnb
  • Condominium Owner 


  • Mostly work online but also might have local job opportunities and clients in their homebase country.
  • Mid-age (30 – 45 y/o)
  • Medium – High income bracket
  • Typically date locals and get married to person in homebase country

Resources for Homebase +1 Nomads

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