Digital Nomad Type: Semi-Nomad


You’re not fully ready to take the leap, but you take every opportunity to take work vacations and tell your boss (if you have one), “Hey, I’m working from ‘home’!” 

The Semi-Nomad Life

Semi-Nomads are the most common type of digital nomad given that many people take work-vacation trips. Yes, you’re a nomad! 

Semi-Nomads usually choose destinations inside of their home country which makes it easy for trip times and their home country conveniences. Sometimes they will take a trip abroad, but somewhere outside of their general timezone (+/- 3 hours) can get complicated for their work schedule.

Below you’ll see some characteristics of what a Semi-Nomad digital nomad lifestyle could look like for you.

Stay Duration

Short to Medium: 1 Week –  3 Months

(Really depends)


  • Getting “permission” from bosses to work remotely.
  • Maintaining relationships.
  • Full-time work stress.


  • Hotels (most common)
  • Airbnb
  • With friends


  • Typically have a full-time job that they work in their home country.
  • Mid-age (30 – 45 y/o)
  • Higher-income bracket.

Resources for Semi-Nomads

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