Make Money With Fiverr (Fast)

2 Easy Ways to Start Making Money With Fiverr (Fast)

Whether you’re just starting to dip your toes into the eCommerce world or you’re looking to expand your current business, is a great place to find and do business online. With Fiverr, you can find some of the world’s top talent very quickly and at a cheap price.

Why Use Fiverr to Make Money?

Note: As with all businesses, everything comes with risk. But with Fiverr, here are some of the initial benefits:

Benefits of Fiverr

  • Order as Needed — There are no fixed costs for labor (Order on Demand).
  • Reviews & Trust — It’s easy to find good talent based on reviews.
  • Easy Interface — Very easy to learn and get set up to sell a service.

So let’s get right to it and talk about the 2 easy ways to make money with Fiverr.

Way #1: Find a Digital Service for Cheap. Sell for More.

There are many services that professionals provide on Fiverr for very cheap because they are in locations where the cost of living is cheap as well. Developers and designers in the Philippines, Pakistan, Indonesia, and India provide amazing service at very competitive pricing.

For example, there’s a popular trend of people using cartoon images of themselves for professional photos. Why not start a business that creates these for working professionals to use!

Next, hire someone to create a website for you that’s optimized for SEO and conversions. You can also find that on Fiverr (est cost: $500–2000).

Next, step up your website to sell the service and automate it as much as possible.

Your variable cost / image: $5–10

Sale Price: $15–40 Source:

Variable Profit Margin: 50–800%!

Fixed Cost (Website design + SEO + Website Hosting): $700–3000.

Way #2: Sell a Unique Service on Fiverr

There are many markets on Fiverr that are up for grabs, but you’ll need to be creative. Focus on making a digital product because they are typically low-cost and can be easily delivered to your customers.

Next, use Fiverr or Upwork to find qualified talents to produce your service.

Finally… AUTOMATE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. If you cannot automate it, just hire someone from Upwork to run the business for you.

One example could be professional life dashboards. Many people want to have a place to see how they’re progressing in life, yet not many know how to set up dashboards and do data input.

Step 1: Create a Fiverr Seller account and create your digital service to help people create & set up their professional life dashboards.

Step 2: Find a data professional on Fiverr/Upwork that can set up dashboards.

Step 3: Start taking orders and outsource your service!

Conclusion: Find a Unique Service. Charge a Mark-up.

Use Fiverr & Upwork talent outsourcing to your advantage by finding a cheap service and sell it at a premium.

If you’d like for someone to help you find a team on Fiverr or Upwork to get started, I’d love to help you out! Send me a comment here on the article, and I’ll do my best to get you connected to a great team!